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Windy City Stairlifts Rents New and Used Bruno Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts and Outdoor Stairlifts In Chicago, Roselle, Illinois and all surrounding areas.

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Stair Lift Rental Options

We understand that purchasing a new lift is not always possible or may not be the right solution. That is why Windy City Stairlifts offers stair lift rental options to assist you with obtaining a stair lift. You don’t have to make an outright purchase. All Stair Lift Rental Options are for straight rail stair chairs. Because of the custom nature of custom curved stair lifts, we cannot offer them as rental units.

Rent-To-Own Program

Our unique Rent-to-Own option is very popular for those that will need a stairlift for more than 12 months but do not have the immediate cash flow to make a full purchase up front.

Rent To Own

Windy City Stairlifts will install a new lift with all the same warranties and assurances that you would receive from purchasing new.

  • We require a 50% down payment with monthly terms over a period of 6-18 months that is catered to your budget.
  • Monthly payments are billed conveniently to your credit card.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty applies on all rent-to-own equipment.

Rental Program

Our rental option is catered to those who will need a stairlift for less than 12 months (hip surgery, leg fracture or other short term disability). A rental down payment includes the installation and future removal of the lift from your home upon completion of the rental agreement and the first month’s rental fee. Monthly payments are billed conveniently to your credit card. Windy City Stairlifts can install your rental unit very quickly and easily to your straight stairway. If you have a curved stairway or outdoor stairs that require a lift, contact our sales office for information on pre-owned equipment. We may be able to provide something that suits your needs perfectly, but costs a great deal less than if you purchased brand new.

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